The Unsinkable Titanic: The Triumph Behind A Disaster
The Unsinkable Titanic: The Triumph Behind A Disaster
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About Titanic

The Royal Mail Steamship Titanic was the second of a trio of sister ships known as the Olympic Class of Liners. They boasted an imposing pedigree. Owned by one of the most powerful men in the world, she was built by the foremost yard in Britain and operated by its premier shipping operator, the Liverpool-based White Star Line.

Hailed “Queen of the ocean” RMS Titanic was considered the greatest, most luxurious and safest liner ever afloat. She was the largest movable structure up to that point produced by man. She was a floating palace, a triumph of engineering and the very embodiment of British achievement. However, on her maiden commercial voyage she was involved in a tragedy caused by the very element she was deemed to overcome: nature. A tragedy which has embedded her name into history as the very synonym of disaster, failure, ill fortune, catastrophe.

Over a single evening in April 1912, Titanic transgressed from technological marvel to infamous modern legend – a byword for caution and fruitless endeavour. The sinking of the Titanic has become the most famed tragedy of all. Reverberating a grief so universal and powerful throughout every strata of society, the disaster not only transcended the great class divide, but transpired into the first true global media sensation, and the grisly prelude to the tumultuous events that were to follow in this fledgling new century.

Undiscovered for 73 years, her wreck remains the most revered object on the seabed. She is the most celebrated vessel of all history. Today, upon the centennial of her loss, her iconic status is more prevalent than ever, yet her technological achievements remain overshadowed by the blind enthusiasm over her safety, managerial arrogance and seafaring malpractice. Brimming with Titanic facts The Unsinkable Titanic: The Triumph Behind a Disaster gives a gloriously in-depth narrative of a liner that was no failure but a defining moment of twentieth century shipping.

Built against the backdrop of failing economies, social decline and warring corporations, the Titanic was the vanguard of safety and luxury on the North Atlantic. But through the arrogance of her operators and regulators she instead became its greatest victim. This book starts the reclamation of a name ubiquitously synonymous with farce and failure, and leads the reestablishment of the Titanic to her remarkable import to history and the development of the ocean liner. Rediscover the Titanic though seventeen fascinating chapters dedicated to unraveling the truth behind the greatest modern legend of all.

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