The Unsinkable Titanic: The Triumph Behind A Disaster
The Unsinkable Titanic: The Triumph Behind A Disaster
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The Titanic disaster: Pt.2

Firstly: to try and determine the total complement on board the Titanic for her maiden voyage. The British inquiry stated this figure as 2,201, comprised from 325 in first-class, 285 second, 706 in third and crew of 885 present upon her departure at Queenstown. The US inquiry accounted 2,223 on the ship constituted from 329 in first class, 285 second-class, 710 in third, plus crew of 899. The survivors on Carpathia estimated collectively 2,340, whereas the Board of Trade recorded 2,206. Edward Sharpe, however, the Customs Officer at Queenstown, recorded a total of 2,208 (427 first class, 179 second class, 710 third class and crew of 892).

The more recently adjusted figure gives a total of 2,228, comprising 337 in first class, 271 in second and 712 in third class with a crew numbering 908. Officially, at Queenstown, the Muster List recorded 892 crewmembers (although only 887 signed it) and formed across 73 in the deck department (officers and sailors), 325 in the engine department (stokers and engineers) and 494 working in the stewards department (cooks, waiters, bakers, and so on). Minus the desertion of the 24-year-old stoker, John Coffey, whom was since known to have disembarked at Queenstown hiding under mail sacks, brings this figure to 891, this information not known to Edward Sharpe at the time.

11 survivors not shown on the original Muster List identified themselves as crewmembers of the Titanic during Captain Rostron’s headcount of survivors when on his ship. For instance, the 8 band members who died were not considered part of the crew but as second-class passengers despite serving as employees on the ship. Conversely, others also privately employed outside of White Star, such as the 2 Marconi Wireless Operators and the 70 Gatti restaurant staff, were included on the ships Muster List as members of the crew.

This confusing compilation of occupancy, the two reports of the governmental inquiries spawned notable disparity in the numbers of passengers and crew on board the Titanic when determining who sailed, survived or died.

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