The Unsinkable Titanic: The Triumph Behind A Disaster


The Unsinkable Titanic: The Triumph Behind A Disaster
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The Unsinkable Titanic

RMS Titanic has an enthralling and timeless association with the word “unsinkable”, but how ‘unsafe’ was she, really, and should her name deserve its use today as a synonym for failure and catastrophe? Titanic’s achievements have been overshadowed and her owners vilified. But through a fascinating book The Unsinkable Titanic: The Triumph Behind a Disaster century-long preconceptions are deconstructed to reveal the true legacy of the great ship and the people behind her in this bold restoration of a tainted past.

Revised and expanded second edition

Published in 2012 to mark the centenary of the great ship’s loss this unmissable and fascinating book explores the widely overlooked story behind both the importance and demise of the Titanic. Through unraveling the mindset of crewmember and builder, owner and regulator, Titanic is revealed as the crowning moment of maritime development. In October 2017 is to be reissed in paperback, as an expanded second edition.

The Unsinkable Titanic: The Triumph Behind a Disaster will both satisfy the discerning researcher’s thirst for knowledge, as well as immerse new enthusiasts to this fascinating and epochal moment in transport and social history. This encompassing and intelligent book explores the complete background, rise, development and how the Titanic sank, and the future of the greatest ship of all, plus how the disaster has become unjustly perceived by history.

Presenting the Titanic in her truest light yet The Unsinkable Titanic: The Triumph Behind a Disaster provides new insight into the prominence of the ship and the mindset behind shipping and how it culminated with the Titanic and the most legendary disaster in the history of seafaring.

Published by The History Press, it is available from all good bookstores.

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Call it arrogance or the boundless confidence of Victorian engineering. What now stands as a warning to future generations against the menace welcomed though unfettered self-belief, is that incredible assertion a century ago that convinced an entire society in the unsinkability of a ship – in fact the very ship that was lost to an iceberg midway into its maiden voyage.

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